Top Lightweight PC video editing application

There are tons of applications or video editing software on the PC, some are light and heavy. Typically heavy applications or software are applications whose levels are more advanced and used by professionals. Like video editing from the Adobe series, which is Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects. However, the vieo produced is very satisfying and for light applications it tends to be mediocre. This time I will give you a lightweight video editing software on a PC.

Top Lightweight PC video editing application

There are lots of lightweight PC software that we can use, like the ones below

  1. Windows Movie Maker
  2. Avidemux
  3. Blender
  4. VideoPad Video Editor
  5.  OpenShot

But don’t you want a lightweight video editing application, but with professional results?


Filmora is one of the video editing software released by Wondershre. There are several series of Filmora, such as Filmora 8, Filmora 9 and Filmora Pro. Do not worry friends for using this software, because I only use a laptop with an Intel processor inside with only 2GB RAM. So this application is safe to use for friends who are not sure about the capabilities of your PC or laptop. can you check or download here.

The advantages of the Filmora video editing application.

  1. The appearance in filmora is available to our needs, and is very easy for understanders to start with
  2. The tools in Filmora are complete, and there are many tools that we can use, so we can do video editing with good quality here. such as color grading, green screen stabilizers etc.
  3. Lightly used on a low pc and not easy to crash, this is what I said earlier. Using light applications but can produce good quality.
  4. The feature in Filmora Geratis, and you can add other plugins or default ones that are also free.
  5. The results of the video you can set yourself, such as the ratio and resolution you can set.

If you interest below is an official tutorial from Filmora, and I will display my video that I edited using Filmora:

Tutorial resmi dari filmora.

This is my video editing by Filmora

Jogja Trip

Thank you for reading a lightweight PC video editing application that may be useful, also read: cara edit foto di pc

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